Kolping Bildung

Kolping Riedlingen
One of the schools part of the the greater Kolping Bildungswerk network, encompassing 40 schools with more than 10,000 students in Germany, needed a new web presence to better represent their forward-thinking and innovative educational approach. The existing website, shared with all Kolping schools, was outdated and lacked the flexibility to communicate their various offerings, and failed to connect with their young audience. I designed a new website, starting with information architecture tailored closely to their specific content and needs, created a visual system based on their brand that allows for easy extension in the the future, and developed the final website (static HTML/CSS that was later integrated with a custom CMS).
Information Architecture
User Experience
Website Design
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Kolping Ravensburg
Following the successful launch of the website I created for Riedlingen, another school from the network—Kolping Ravensburg—decided to create their own new website. The motivation and the goals for the new website were similar to those of the previous school, but there were a number of specific needs that differed between them. The solution was to take the existing design system created fo Riedlingen and adapt it around a new information architecture and UX for Ravensburg. The successful result was a testament of the flexibility of the design system.
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